About ticketcounter.com

Another 'About Us' web page, right? Everyone has one, and well, we do see the purpose, especially if we haven't been formally introduced...yet. Once we are acquainted we know you'll become one of our fastest friends!

Who the heck is ticketcounter.com?

So basically we got this really great idea to become direct partners with all the best shows in Las Vegas and make their tickets available to you. While this particular idea of ours is relatively new, our founders are actually super experienced in the world of online bookings, giving you a seamless encounter, which everyone likes. Plus, we do have tons of experience in call center bookings, too. Whether you prefer to book your tickets via the web or you prefer to talk to a real live person (yep, that still happens sometimes these days) do whatever makes you happy, we are here to oblige.

And you know what else? It's going so well here in the entertainment capital of the world that we plan on expanding soon and offering other types of entertainment like tours, and special events, in Las Vegas and other cities. Keep checking our website for further exciting offerings.

If you want to peruse our shows online click here.

For those that feel like having that voice-to-voice experience just click on the link above (or here) and find the show you want to see. There is a phone number to call to book tickets on each show page.

Oh, and one more thing, if you need a hotel room you can check out our sister site reservationcounter.com.

What shows does ticketcounter.com offer?

Remember the not so good old days when the words 'Las Vegas' conjured up images of red velvet lounges filled with smoke and the strip was synonymous with sequins and .99 cent steaks? Times have changed. Las Vegas has culture, and great gourmet food, and the best entertainment from performers around the world. It's become a diverse vacation spot for all ages. Today you're as likely to see a four-year-old in Vegas, as you are your good old Uncle Seymour. So, we've committed ourselves to providing our guests with a full roster of the best entertainment available, period. We've got tickets for the entire family, or for just the two of you, or for you and your group of besties. You can see the shows we offer by clicking here.

Why should I use ticketcounter.com?

Oh the reasons are endless but we know you probably don't have like 2 hours to read this page so let us succinctly break it down for you:

  • We have direct relationships with every property/producer for every event we feature. In fact, we will only sell tickets directly through the box office-we won't use a third-party.
  • Our in-market directors know what's hot and they use the relationships they've developed over the years to get best market pricing for those shows. What does this mean to you? NO MARKUP on our tickets!
  • Because your reservation goes directly to the box office you will get the best seats available at the time you book. You know what they say about the early bird catching the worm. So true. The earlier you book with us, the better seats you're likely to get as they are assigned at time of/and in the order of booking.
  • Read above and realize it's like standing in line at the box office for tickets and good seats, without having to stand in line at the box office for tickets and good seats.

Let's talk discounts.

We knew the "d" word would come up and we want to be frank with you. Some shows just do not offer discounts or deals on show tickets. That said rest assured we fight for every possible price reduction we can get on all of our ticket offerings. And remember there are no markups on our tickets. We give you stellar service, offerings, and the best seating at time of booking, without charging you an arm and a leg for it. Why? Because we like you. We really really do. Sounds like a win-win to us!


We guarantee the best seats available or your money back!


We guarantee the lowest price available. Period.


We want you to be happy as much as you want you to be happy.